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C. Stephen Foster, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.C.R., Director
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Postal Address:

Massachusetts Eye Research and Surgery Institution(MERSI) Printable Brochure
5 Cambridge Center, 8th floor
Cambridge, MA. 02142

Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation
348 Glen Road
Weston, MA. 02493

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Telephone Numbers & Links

Appointments (more info):

(617) 621-6377 or tollfree (866)353-6377

International Patients:

(617) 621-6377 or email:

Appointment Times:

Mondays - Fridays from 8:30 AM until 12:00 PM, 1:00 - 4:00PM*
Saturdays - One per Month

*Appointment times vary for each doctor depending on the day of the week

Email your appt/ contact Info: Click Here to: E-mail Appointment Request
Patient Diagnostic Survey
Please complete this and bring with you to your appointment, if you are a new patient or it is your first time to the new location!
Office: (617) 621 - 6377(MERSI) or toll free 866-353-6377(MERSI)
Fax: (617) 494 -1430
C. Stephen Foster, M.D.
617-523-7900, and ask the operator to page Dr. Foster
Support Group: (617) 797-8660 | email | website
After-hours Medical Emergencies:

In a medical emergency, patients should
call (617) 621-6377 and ask the answering service to page MERSI doctor on-call. Please click for more information regarding medical emergencies.

Website: Webmaster

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A Note About Scheduling Appointments 
Patients who are making an appointment for the first time will be offered the "first available" appointment. With inflammatory eye disease the philosophy of MERSI is to work patients in to the schedule quickly if they have active inflammation or sight-threatening complications. If you are a new patient and find that the appointment time we were able to offer does not seem responsive to an urgent situation, please have your treating ophthalmologist call the office directly to expedite an appointment. Learn about the training of doctors at MERSI.

If you are a patient and your situation is an emergency, we recommend that you call the office and ask for the doctor on call to be paged; give the operator specific information as to how to reach you. This system is currently working well; however, if you do not recieve a call back within 15 minutes, please call the office back and inquire. If your emergency is such that you need to be immediately expedited to an emergency room, we recommend going to a hospital with an eye specialty emergency room department. It is part of good medical care for doctors to communicate with each other to faciliate the care of the patient. You should always carry the office number and ask for the emergency room doctor to either page your doctor or the doctor on call if it is after office hours. Remember, it is your right to insist upon this measure of good medical care and coordination of same. If you are unable to reach the doctor on call, please call 617-523-7900 ext 0 and ask operator to page your doctor: Dr Foster or Dr Hinkle.

Training at Massachusetts Eye Research Surgery Institution (MERSI)
Appoinments with Dr. Foster, who is a Clinical Professor of Harvard Medical School, or Dr. Hinkle, Anesi, or Ceron are all devoted to the care of you, their private patients, but the office functions in a way that is similar to university medical center teaching clinics in that you, the patient, are first examined by a Fellow (an Ophthalmologist receiving additional training in cornea and/or uveitis and immunology), or a trainee, and are then examined by your personal physician, Dr. Foster, Hinkle, Anesi, or Ceron. Observers (typically visiting physicians)may be present as well. Every patient is expected to "contribute" to the learning of these developing Ophthalmologists and Ocular Immunologists, since education is one of the premier missions of our practice in general and Massachusetts Eye Research and Surgery Institution in particular.

Regardless of the mix of personnel involved in any patient's visit at MERSI, it is your personal physician, Dr Foster, Hinkle, Anesi, or Ceron, who is the diagnostitian and the physician who decides on the treatment program for you, the patient.

Fellows - A fellow is an ophthalmologist licensed to practice medicine, who is engaged in a year-long training program on ocular immunology.

Trainees - A trainee is an individual who is working at MERSI on a volunteer basis to receive in-depth training in ophthalmology, with a focus on ocular inflammatory disease and immunology. To be eligible for a trainee position, an individual must have earned a medical degree or must be currently enrolled in medical school, and must have a strong interest in learning about and gaining experience with the management of ocular inflammatory disease and immunology. Trainees are not engaged in the practice of medicine.

Observers - Like trainees and fellows, observers spend time at MERSI to learn about ocular inflammatory disease and immunology. Unlike trainees and fellows, however, observers do not complete a patient’s initial work-up or interact with patients in any other way. They simply observe the encounters between the patients and MERSI trainees, fellows, and your personal physician, Dr Foster, Hinkle, Anesi, or Ceron. Observers are not engaged in the practice of medicine.


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